01MACHINERY s.r.l.

01Machinery is a company specializing in the selling of used industrial machinery. For several years we have been focusing our attention on several industrial fields ranging from mechanical to wood and construction sectors, with a spotlight on plastic processing.

01Machinery is located in the Marche, in Cerreto d'Esi (AN). We also have a large warehouse in the Marche district where we gather most of the machinery we buy. Keep enlarging or stock is pivotal to be able to supply to the increasing and urgent demand for machines.

Our aim is to “professionalize” a field which is still commonly undervalued, especially in the domestic market : the second hand industrial machinery trade.

Our close collaboration with major European partners together with our valuable experience gained over the years enables us to provide our clients with an exceptional level of assistance and with high -quality second-hand machines.

We commit ourselves to offer our client the certainty that he will always rely on a partner who is able to assist him completely.

We can summarize our services in three main points:


Our constant care in keeping updated about the market flow allows us to sell our machinery at extremely competitive prices and to offer second-hand machines whose performance is often the same as of new machinery.

For this reason our clients range from artisans who need specific machinery to small-medium companies that look for used but high-quality machines, up to the big industries that want to expand its business and addresses to us to get full commercial assistance, from consulting to delivery.

In addition, 01Machinery is on the cutting edge with its media products promotion; in our user-friendly fully comprehensive website www.01machinery.com our clients can find all the information close at hand. In the menu it is possible to get a comprehensive look at our whole machine stock, constantly kept updated; every machine is accompanied by photos, technical sheet and occasionally videos of its run tests. It is also possible to ask for quotations which will be answered immediately, even if the machinery required is no longer available.

Furthermore we are glad to welcome clients who desire to visit our premises and we offer them our technicians support and advice.

In order to always provide high quality second-hand machines, we focus our attention on


As we explored those channels we have found them to be fundamental. During our activity we have been intensifying our collaboration with the parties involved, by using three databases, which are regularly cleaned and updated: The first one is specific to the Italian and Foreign foreign receivers. It has more than 2,000 verified contacts and their respective development procedures;

The second catalogue is wholly entirely dedicated to our customers. It is a diary that details all current contacts and the availability of our purchaser, also for the purpose of customized mailing.

The third one records the national and international auction houses and judicial sales. This is constantly growing and kept checked.

In the role of buyer, we can offer the highest stability and reliability, making positive successful transactions, offering the utmost transparency. In the role of partner we assure wide vision thanks to our selection of channels, from the Marketing action aimed at our customers to the advertising on our WebSite www.01machinery.com and on our Blog both receives several daily hits.